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«Black Iron Palace» (黒鉄宮(こくてつきゅう), Koku Tetsu Kyū?) is a palace on the 1st Floor of Aincrad, located within the Town of Beginnings, in Sword Art Online and New ALfheim Online. It is the largest facility within the city and one of the most famous landmarks within Aincrad.


The large rectangular black palace is located north of the Teleport Gate plaza of the Town of Beginnings and is encircled by large castle walls and a moat. The palace was assembled with black glossy pillars and metal boards, had a tall and large front gate, iron floors and an abnormally high ceiling. The air within the palace is significantly cooler than outside.

There was a Hidden Dungeon under the palace, likely to be unlocked by fulfilling a certain condition on the higher floors. It was also used as a headquarters and prison by The Army, usually for «Orange Players». Players violating the Manner Violation Prevention code may be teleported to the Black Iron Palace's prison, if the victim chooses to confirm the system message warning them about the breach of ethics. Players can also be sent to the prison with the use of Corridor Crystals, the destination of which is set for the prison.


In the Beta version of Sword Art Online, the palace housed the game's re-spawn point, called the Room of Resurrection. However, in the official version of the game, the Room of Resurrection was replaced by the Monument of Life, which kept track of the deaths of the SAO players. When Aincrad was later incorporated into New ALfheim Online, the Monument of Life was replaced with the Monument of Swordsmen, keeping track of the names of the participants of successful Labyrinth Boss raids. The monuments are placed in the hall right after entering through the main gate. Only this hall was open to the public at all times, while the deeper parts of the palace were in control of The Army during the official version of Sword Art Online.



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61 Selmburg, Selmburg Teleport Gate Plaza
65 Old Castle Labyrinth
66 Old Castle Labyrinth
74 Kamdet, Kamdet Teleport Gate Plaza
75 Collinia, Collinia Teleport Gate Plaza
100 Ruby Palace
  1. Only in New ALO
  2. Only in the SAO official service
  3. Only in the SAO Beta
  4. According to Kirito in Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 1
  5. According to Kizmel in Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth, Part 7
  6. According to Kirito in Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14
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