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Amu Sphere
An AmuSphere, the revised version of the NerveGear.
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AmuSphere (アミュスフィア, Amyusufia?) is the revised version of NerveGear which was co-developed by RECTO Progress Inc. The system has been modified to make it safer than its predecessor by changing the microwaves transmitter to a low frequency one and the incorporation of various sensors that continually monitor blood pressure and brain waves which provoke a safety logout feature in case that the person's statuses become abnormal, which includes by default an option that automatically logs out a person if the avatar begins to fall asleep.

In addition to other safety measures, the AmuSphere does not block out signals from the body to the extent of its predecessor, the NerveGear, so some players may rent a specialized room which blocks all external interference, designed to make the experience all the more real.

Its successor, temporarily named as AmuSphere 2, is planned to be shown in the 2026 Tokyo Game Show and released to the market in 2027.[1]


As with the NerveGear, it is recommended for the player to get into a comfortable position before beginning to use the device. Once the player has the device worn over the head in a comfortable position, the console can be activated by saying «Link Start». 

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