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Alicia Rue (アリシャ・ルー, Arisha Rū?) is the Lord of the Cait Sith race in «ALfheim Online» (ALO). She was elected for the position of leader by popular vote. She formed an alliance with the Sylphs to finish the «Guardians of the World Tree».


Alicia Full Body

Alicia in ALO.

Alicia Rue has a petite figure, wavy, blonde hair surrounding her triangular cat ears. She wears one-piece armour that exposes her delicately-tanned skin.[2] Claw weapons hang from the sides of her waist, while a colourful stripe near her hips emphasised her tail.[2] She also wears a bell collar on her neck and a cape on the left arm with a red stripe through it near the front.[3]


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

During the Cait Sith meeting with the Sylphs at the Butterfly Valley, the negotiations were interrupted by Salamanders led by General Eugene. Just before they could attack, Kirito entered the stage and helped prevent a battle by bluffing about a Spriggan-Undine alliance and defeating Eugene in battle. After the Salamanders had left the area, Alicia listened to Sakuya's request for a Moonlight Mirror spell to communicate with Sigurd and banish him for his part in the ambush. When Kirito revealed that he was not working for anyone, Alicia, along with Sakuya, tried to seduce Kirito into coming to their respective territories and working for them, but Kirito declined both offers by saying that he had to go to the World Tree. Before Alicia and Sakuya took their leave, Kirito donated a large sum of money to the lords to quicken the preparations for the next attempt at clearing the Grand Quest.

The next day, Alicia and the Cait Sith dragoons, along with Sylph forces, aided Kirito's ascension of the World Tree after using the collected funds to purchase armor of at least Ancient grade for all of her warriors. After Kirito managed to get through to the top of the tree, she withdrew her forces from the area.

After the acquisition of ALO by Ymir and the release of a patch introducing New Aincrad, Alicia was seen with Sakuya and a few Cait Sith and Sylph warriors flying towards the floating castle.

Mother's Rosario Edit

Alicia took part in a barbecue hosted at Kirito and Asuna's Forest House. Additionally, she was one of over 1,000 ALO players present during Yuuki's final moments of life.

Alicization ArcEdit

Alicization AwakeningEdit

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Alicia appears to be on friendly terms with Sakuya, as they appear to be quite familiar with each other regardless of their standing in the society of the game. 


Alicia appears to have gained an interest in Kirito when he appeared during the alliance meeting to stop the Salamander Brigade from killing the leaders of the factions. She had attempted to seduce him and take him into the Cait Sith as a Mercenary. 


They appear to know each other in game fairly well, as they seem somewhat familiar with each other. This may be due to Leafa's friendship with Sakuya. 


ALfheim OnlineEdit


Alicia has been training in the use of darkness-attribute magic.

  • «Moonlight Mirror»
    Moonlight Mirror in effect

    Alicia using Moonlight Mirror

    - A darkness-attribute spell which allows long distance communication. Cannot be used for long without moonlight.


See: Alicia Rue/Image Gallery


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