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Real life Agil

Agil SAO

Agil ALO

Personal Information
Name (Kanji/Kana) アンドリュー・ギルバート・ミルズ
Name (Romaji)[?] Andoryū Girubāto Miruzu
Avatar Name (Japanese)[?] エギル (Egiru)
In-Game Name[?] Agil
Age 27 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
29 (End of Aincrad arc, Fairy Dance arc)
30 (Phantom Bullet arc)
Gender Male
VR Played
Family Unnamed Wife
  • Cafe Owner
  • Merchant (SAO)
Voiced By (Japanese) Yasutomo Hiroki
Voiced By (English) Patrick Seitz
First Appearance
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 5
Progressive Volume 1, Chapter 1, Part 5 (chronologically)
Manga 4koma Manga Chapter 1
Aincrad Manga Stage.003
Progressive Manga Chapter 3 (Chronologically)
Anime Episode 2

Agil (エギル, Egiru?) was one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online». He was a veteran axe-wielder and a merchant who owns a shop in Algade, a city on the 50th Floor of «Aincrad» in SAO. His real name is Andrew Gilbert Mills (アンドリュー・ギルバート・ミルズ, Andoryū Girubāto Miruzu?) and he runs a shop, called «Dicey Café», in real life.


Andrew is of African heritage. He is a massive and bulky bald man with a brown goatee and brown eyes. He also has two silver earrings on his left ear. Kazuto also commented that he is as large in real life as he is in-game.


Although African-American by ethnicity, his parents took a liking to Japan, and he opened his coffee shop-bar in Okachimachi at the age of 25. His wife was a customer of the shop. Afterwards, he had been trapped in SAO for two years. When he came back, he expected the shop to have closed long ago but it was saved by his wife's efforts.


Agil is a friendly and very helpful person who is always looking out for others. He is also someone to rely on such as when he defended the beta testers against Kibaou, giving Kirito a place to stay, and helping players on lower floors. He also can be a leader on the battlefield and will help his comrades and friends no matter what the cost may be. Although he acted as if he only cared about the money, Kirito commented that Agil had spent all of his money helping mid-level players level up.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Aria in the Starless NightEdit

Agil was first seen defending the beta testers from Kibaou, who was saying that they caused the 2000 people to die. He shows Kibaou «Argo's Strategy Guide: First Floor Boss edition» and says that the beta testers were not all to blame as they gave everyone free information where they could find in any NPC shop. In the boss fight, he and his party helped Kirito and Asuna beat the boss.

He also showed capable leadership during the first boss fight, being able to safely lead his party without any casualties. Agil also spoke out against Kibaou's accusations against the beta testers, noting that Argo's freely distributed guide had information from none other than the "selfish" beta testers themselves.

Year IIEdit

Nearing the end of the second year, he appeared as the merchant who Kirito tried to sell the Ragout Rabbit Meat that he had acquired to, until Asuna showed up and Kirito realized she would be able to cook it.

Agil made his primary store location on the 50th floor's city, «Algade», and has a good relationship with Kirito. His store motto was "We buy cheap and sell cheap", and although the latter part was usually doubted, he in fact used his income to help players on the lower floor. After Kirito was revealed to be the second Unique Skill user, Kirito temporarily lived on the second floor of Agil's shop to avoid public attention.

Agil later closed his shop and reappeared in the 75th floor battle, to aid in the boss fight. Prior to Kirito's rematch with Heathcliff, Kirito thanked Agil for always helping and supporting the mid-level players of the game in order to reach the front lines.

Fairy Dance ArcEdit

Agil cafe
Agil with Kazuto at his cafe.
Candyman116Added by Candyman116

After completing SAO, Agil returned to manage his shop, Dicey Cafe. His wife, though never making a true presence to Kirito and co., was able to keep the shop from closing during his two years of absence.

As Asuna had not returned after the completion of SAO, Agil showed a screenshot taken in ALfheim Online of what appeared to be Asuna, tipping Kazuto off to her location. Agil gave Kazuto a copy of the game, and Kazuto was pressed to return to the world of VRMMORPGS and save Asuna.

Agil's ALO Avatar
Agil's ALO Avatar.
ZigkielAdded by Zigkiel

Although he did not play ALO during the few days in which Kirito saved Asuna, he played ALO later as a Gnome Axe-wielder, in which he even played with Kirigaya Suguha, Kirito's sister. His cafe was also used for the celebration of completing SAO and the rescue of Asuna, in which many remaining SAO players appeared, including the Aincrad Liberation Force's (The Army) leader, Thinker, as well as his wife, Yulier.

Extra EditionEdit

Agil joined Kirito and and the others in the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest to fulfill Yui's wish.


Sword Art Online (SAO)Edit

  • Level: 83
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Ground Gorge」 (Two-handed Battle Axe)
Two-handed Battle Axe Hand-to-hand Combat Parry Leather Equipment Equipment Appraisal
875 / 1000
726 / 1000
726 / 1000
733 / 1000
930 / 1000
Tools Appraisal Purchase Negotiation Sales Negotiation Extended Weight Limit Cooking
901 / 1000
846 / 1000
716 / 1000
838 / 1000
514 / 1000


  • The name Agil is most likely formed by taking the first letter from Andrew and the first three letters of Gilbert.


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  1. Sword Art Online Light Novel: Material Edition 2

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